Korean technology brand Kelwon launches health water machines in India

To provide purified water through health water machines with premium technology

Using Korean technology, Kelwon Electronics and Appliances has launched affordable range of Health Water Machines in India, which comes into 2 segments – Copper RO Water Purifiers (ALKILO, NECTAR) and Alkaline RO Water Purifiers (ELIXIR and SEGEN).

Copper RO Water Purifier range starts from ALKILO, which has a built-in RO with 9-stage purification and ultra-filtration to provide purified water. ALKILO has in-built UV lamp in the water tank and comes with IES (Immunity Enhancing System) which is a 5-in-1 mineralizer that adds essentials minerals (Potassium, Calcium, Magnesium, and Sodium with Zinc) to the purified water and makes it healthy. With ACC (Active Copper Chamber), one will get active copper enriched water with balanced pH 8. It has a price of Rs 19,990.

NECTAR, the second model of Copper RO Water Purifier offers hot and normal water dispenser options while providing all the benefits of copper water. It has built-in RO with 12-stage purification and UV, UF for advanced purification. The mineralizer IES, restores all minerals to the water and ACC gives healthy 8 pH copper water. Along with a digital display and child lock, the consumers will get TDS (total dissolved solids) display and hot water temperature. Thus, the consumer can avail benefits of making hot beverages like tea or coffee directly from the machine. This model is available at Rs 29,990.

On the other hand, ELIXIR 4-in-1 machine indicates 4 major benefits including built-in 13 stage purification, (IES) mineralizer, instant hot, cold & normal water, and built-in detoxifier for fruits and vegetables; and SEGEN has 7 levels of water pH level adjuster. The consumers can choose from low alkaline water (pH 7.9), mid alkaline water (pH 8.8), high alkaline water (pH 9.7), purified water (pH 7), acidic water (pH 3.7), beauty water (pH 5.1) and veg cleaner.

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