Taiwan targets US market with healthy beverage alternatives

Utilising high-quality locally sourced ingredients, such as Chinese herbal staples ginger, longan, and red dates, together with sugar cane

Shiang Ding Food Co., one of Taiwan’s premier food wholesalers, has announced new plans to expand access to healthy, herbal tea and coffee alternatives in the US market via its Tang Ding brand of brown sugar tea bricks. This announcement comes amid an ever-growing interest in complementary and alternative medicinal solutions in the US, including in traditional Chinese medicine, from which the tea bricks draw their influence.

A popular alternative is the use of brown sugar tea, a nourishing replacement for caffeinated teas and coffee. By incorporating easy-to-use brown sugar tea bricks blended with traditional Chinese medicine, consumers can enhance their health conveniently. Tang Ding’s expansion plans will give way to wider access to brown sugar tea bricks for US consumers, conveniently available for purchase to enjoy anywhere and anytime.

Brown sugar has been cited by Chinese medical knowledge as an ingredient that can help regulate the body’s inner workings and bring balance. Trace elements, including iron within the ingredient, are also believed to help maintain digestive functions and metabolism and to be beneficial for women during menstruation. Consumers can enjoy these health benefits while reducing reliance on caffeinated tea or coffee.

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