Zeon Lifesciences upgrades Paonta sahib plant with Industry 2.0 automation

Aims to boost production and create more job opportunities

Zeon Lifesciences, a nutraceutical and herbal product manufacturer, has upgraded its Paonta sahib plant enabled with artificial intelligence (AI) and Industry 2.0 automation for business growth and innovation with the goal of focusing on new innovations and research advancements in India’s nutraceutical industry.

New developments have occurred at the existing plant as a result of plant advancement, such as the implementation of ZEMANEX’s new operating model (Zeon Manufacturing Excellence- The New Way of Working), the formation of a new independent vertical: Manufacturing Compliance, the implementation of the new First Line Leader (FLL) concept for better accountability and responsibility.

The firm will gain from this in terms of capacity improvement, a focused perspective on zero faults, zero waste, zero accidents, cost optimization, diverse clientele, and a greater ability to handle diverse clients and diverse demands of all dose forms.

Consequently, additional jobs will be created, for those with less than five years of work experience, changing the operating model, which includes the organisational structure; from top-heavy to bottom rich, creates better opportunities for them to be inducted as developed FLL members, where they can demonstrate their talent and leadership in leading blue-collar workers.

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