Control Print and V Shapes partner to revolutionise packaging in India

Control Print to offer manufacturers a complete solution for packaging and coding their products

Mumbai-based firm Control Print has announced a Joint Venture with V-Shapes S.r.l., an innovative supplier of sustainable single-dose sachets and manufacturer of packaging machinery based in Bologna, Italy, enabling Control Print for the first time to bring a cutting-edge technology to the Indian market.

This joint venture combines Control Print’s expertise in coding and marking technology with V-Shapes’ innovative packaging machinery with “Snap then Squeeze” technology to produce Recyclable/Biodegradable single-use packets for a wide range of products including liquids, viscous and powdered content.

V-Shapes has developed patented unit-dose packaging machines in collaboration with Siemens, designed to create an easy-to-use system with “Snap then Squeeze” technology that requires only three fingers to open a sachet without cutting & tearing. This visionary packaging machine developed by V-Shapes is intended to reduce the environmental impact of packaging.

The single-portion pouches are easy to open, hygienic and safe to use, making them ideal for food, cosmetics, medicines, pharmaceuticals and chemical products.

Shiva Kabra, Joint Managing Director, Control Print said, “Their ingenious packaging machinery and commitment to sustainability align perfectly with our values and mission. We are excited to offer our customers a complete solution for branding, coding, and packaging their products. We look forward to seeing this partnership’s positive impact on the packaging industry in India.”

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