Veera Health forays into nutraceuticals with launch of VeeVital PCOS support 

Women with PCOS are often at risk of developing nutrient deficiencies

Mumbai-based startup Veera Health, one of the largest digital therapeutics platforms for managing Polycystic Ovary Syndrome (PCOS), has forayed into the nutraceutical market with the launch of Veera Wellness to help women with PCOS access science-backed supplement regimens that complement PCOS treatment. 

As part of Veera Wellness, the platform has launched its first-ever nutraceutical – VeeVital PCOS support for better management of the disorder. VeeVital contains the clinically studied dose of Myo-inositol, which is proven to have beneficial effects on PCOS symptoms by improving insulin levels, lowering male hormone levels, regulating periods, and improving ovarian function and fertility. 

Several studies highlight that women with PCOS are often at risk of developing nutrient deficiencies. Common minerals like potassium and magnesium and other vitamins – B12 and B9 and Vitamin D are present in insufficient amounts in PCOS women. Along with Myo-inositol, VeeVital PCOS Support boasts a blend of essential nutrients like vitamin D, B12, and dietary folate that can help meet any nutritional deficiencies and support overall health.

Each box of VeeVital PCOS Support contains 15 powdered sachets of Myo-inositol which makes it easy to carry as single-dose packets or have it on the go. VeeVital is currently priced at Rs 850.

Certified by Food Safety and Standards Authority of India (FSSAI), the unique formulation of VeeVital has been developed under the guidance of advisors from top US-based research institutes.

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