Japan extends additional $6.6 M support to Sri Lanka for emergency food assistance

Food aid through WFP by the Government of Japan has reached a total of $10 million since the economic crisis began last year

The Government of Japan has contributed an additional $6.6 million to the United Nations World Food Programme (WFP) to provide critical food and nutrition assistance to over one million Sri Lankans.

Through this funding, WFP will provide families with food baskets comprising rice, pulses and cooking oil, to meet half their monthly food needs for a period of two months. The donation will also be used to procure maize and soybean for the production of Thriposha, a fortified food product, for a period of four months, which will be supplied to pregnant and breastfeeding mothers and young children at risk of malnutrition.  

WFP’s latest surveys indicate that food insecurity is still at a concerningly high level. Seven in every 10 households are adopting negative coping strategies such as cutting back on nutritious food like protein and dairy or skipping meals altogether.

Japan has been a long-standing donor to the Government of Sri Lanka and WFP for over a decade, providing critical assistance in emergencies, while supporting longer-term recovery and development efforts to strengthen food and nutrition security in the country. Japan’s latest funding is an extension of its support to the people of Sri Lanka to help safeguard communities affected by the economic crisis.

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