Provi introduces innovative product upgrades to strengthen connection 

Company launches sales rep and tailored distributor recommendations, refined retailer onboarding, and cutting-edge search capabilities

Provi, the largest online marketplace for the beverage alcohol industry, announced new product updates designed to bolster the connection between licensed retailers and distributors. These enhancements are strategically curated to streamline the ordering process, drastically reduce the time to find products and place the distributor at the forefront of the digital shopping experience.

“Provi’s core mission revolves around enhancing the efficiency of the beverage alcohol industry and we are dedicated to strengthening connections within the three-tier system through digital innovation,” stated Taylor Katzman, Founder and CEO, of Provi. “We understand the pivotal roles played by distributors and sales representatives for licensed retailers, and we take pride in equipping them with powerful tools to maximise revenue while simplifying the often tedious order-taking process.” Provi’s enhanced marketplace experience curates a tailored purchasing journey for retailers. The introduction of Provi’s rep and distributor recommendation functionality empowers distributor sales representatives to align with retailers’ preferences, significantly augmenting cart sizes. Distributor partners leveraging Provi are witnessing impressive results, with an 18 per cent to 37 per cent increase in revenue per retailer and a staggering up to 41 per cent rise in order frequency.

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