We’re leveraging renewable energy, proprietary AI software & food biotechnology to operationalise the Farmto-Factory-to-Consumer concept

Ricky Lin, Founder & CEO, Life3 Biotech

Singapore-based food tech startup Life3 Biotech aims to open an eco-friendly production facility in Paya Lebar by the second quarter of 2024. The 25,000 sq ft plant will utilise the company’s proprietary technology to produce up to six tonnes of vegetables and 1,400 tonnes of edible plant protein per annum. The technology underpins what the firm calls the Hydroponics Integrating MicroAlgae and Solar Energy System (HIMASS), a process that incorporates artificial intelligence, solar panels and water upcycling technologies to produce its food items within a self-sustaining ecosystem. In an interaction with nuFFOODS Spectrum, Ricky Lin, Founder & CEO, Life3 Biotech Pte Ltd shares interesting insights into his startup. Edited excerpts:

What was the core idea behind your food tech startup Life3 Biotech?

A social enterprise at heart, Life3 Biotech Pte Ltd (Life3) was established with the core values of producing Sustainable, Innovative and Nutritious food through the use of award-winning proprietary technology proven to be highly efficient whilst minimising carbon emission impact. Leveraging on its strengths across the three pillars of Agritech, Biotech and Foodtech, Life3 envisions itself to be the leading innovator in transforming the global food production system through innovative food biotechnology solutions. Life3 aims to address and advocate for community-at-large seeking an “Ecotarian” lifestyle, by adopting more affordable plant-based food in their diet, which will directly contribute to a more food-resilient, sustainable and healthier Singapore.

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