OZiva launches Bioactive Gluta Fizzy with advanced antioxidant formula to combat skin cell damage 

Provides a potent combination of  L glutathione, hyaluronic acid, collagen builder, lycopene and astaxanthin for improved skin health

OZiva, India’s leading certified clean and plant-based holistic wellness brand, has introduced its latest breakthrough product- OZiva Bioactive Gluta Fizzy, a unique formulation that provides a multi-targeted solution that helps repair skin cell damage, evens skin tone, reduces pigmentation leading to radiant, even-toned and smooth skin. 

Sharing his views on the occasion, Mihir Gadani, Co-Founder, of OZiva, said, “We wanted to provide a formulation that helps combat hyperpigmentation, collagen degradation and other top reasons that impact skin health. OZiva Bioactive Gluta provides a holistic solution with a unique formulation that combines L Glutathione with Collagen Builder from Aloe Vera and Vitamin C, Lycopene from Tomato skin and Astaxanthin from Red Micro Algae along with Hyaluronic Acid. L Glutathione helps inhibit the enzyme Tyrosinase thereby reducing the production of Eumelanin and the powerful Bioactives help target and inhibit the damage caused at the cellular level of the skin.”

OZiva Bioactive Gluta provides a comprehensive solution to shield the skin from damage and ageing through multiple pathways. The L Glutathione provides antioxidant benefits to fight against pigmentation and promote radiant skin while Lycopene safeguards skin from further UV damage. Astaxanthin with 25 times more antioxidant power than vitamin C, fights free radicals and cellular inflammation and Hyaluronic Acid attracts and retains water in the skin. Furthermore, it includes collagen boosters like vitamin C and aloe vera to reduce the depletion and breakdown of collagen in the skin. 

Research shows that Skin health and ageing are impacted by not just passing time but also by exposure to different environmental factors which disrupt the skin matrix. Providing the right nourishment to the skin from the inside can help keep skin healthy and radiant. OZiva Bioactive Gluta Fizzy is priced at INR 1199 and available on www.oziva.in and other leading e-commerce platforms like Amazon. 

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