Eeki Plans expansion into Madhya Pradesh, Maharashtra, Tamil Nadu

To invest ₹700 crore in expansion to commence exports of vegetables to UAE, Singapore and Europe in the next few months

Eeki, a pioneering agritech startup sustainably cultivating nutritious vegetables, plans to invest ₹700 crores over the next two years to scale up operations and enhance its domestic and global presence. The immediate expansion will take the company from Rajasthan and Haryana to Madhya Pradesh, Maharashtra, Tamil Nadu, and internationally into Oman. Eeki will also commence exports of vegetables to international markets including UAE, Singapore and Europe. Eeki’s technology produces 180 tonnes a year per acre, which is 18 times more than traditional farming. Eeki is the largest independent controlled environment farming company which will scale to 800 acres in the next two years.

“We are looking to expand our footprint into other states in India by partnering with like-minded landowners and partners. Our patented growing technology makes farming sustainable and climate-proof, enabling year-round cultivation. Eeki farms deliver 18 times per acre yield as compared to traditional farming on even barren or unused lands at a similar cost, while using 80 per cent less water,” said Abhay Singh, CEO & Co-Founder of Eeki.

“Automation lies at the core of Eeki’s operations, enabling seamless control of climate, irrigation, and nutrition through a cloud-based platform. We optimize yield and ensure crop health by detecting possible diseases early using image processing powered by machine learning and robotics” he further added,

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