Tetra Pak unveils new Factory Sustainable Solutions approach

This comes amidst rising operational expenses, including the cost of raw materials, as well as new CO2 taxes and fees for wasted water

Tetra Pak unveils its ‘Factory Sustainable Solutions’ offering, a new factory-wide approach to optimising energy, water and cleaning-in-place (CIP).

A new offer within Tetra Pak’s broader sustainability portfolio is the ‘Factory Sustainable Solutions’ business, which offers food and beverage (F&B) producers a tailored blend of state-of-the-art technologies and leading plant integration capabilities. It seeks to support F&B producers in optimising energy and resource consumption, an important step in helping customers meet their sustainability ambitions and reduce operational costs.

Traditionally reliant on fossil fuels and energy-intensive processes, F&B producers are under increasing pressure to optimise resources and increase energy generation from renewable sources. This comes amidst rising operational expenses, including the cost of raw materials, new CO2 taxes and fees for wasted water. Finding solutions to these challenges will be key, with businesses looking to their supply chains and manufacturing processes to help achieve cost savings. 

Complementing its resource-efficient equipment and services portfolio, Tetra Pak’s ‘Factory Sustainable Solutions’ embodies a systematic, factory-wide approach. Solutions can be integrated at any stage to recover and reduce the consumption of resources, such as energy, water and chemicals. Optimised resource consumption reduces long-term operational costs3 and related greenhouse gas emissions, whilst supporting compliance against ever-tightening sustainability standards.

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