Nestlé introduces Maggi Rindecarne plant-based meat alternative

Maggi’s first meat extender is currently available in Chile

Nestlé developed Maggi Rindecarne – a tasty, plant-based meat alternative. The mix of soy and spices allows consumers to prepare a dish combining meat and plant-based proteins, doubling the amount of servings at an affordable price. When adding Maggi Rindecarne to minced meat, the prepared dish retains its nutritional value without compromising on taste. Additionally, it is versatile and customisable and can be used to prepare all minced meat-top dishes. Maggi’s first meat extender is currently available in Chile.

“Our team of experts and chefs developed a tailored solution which brings an equivalent amount of protein affordably to consumers in Latin America. Our innovation ensures the familiar taste and texture of mincemeat, is shelf-stable and easy to use,” adds Swen Rabe, Head of Nestlé’s Product and Technology Center for Food.

This latest innovation builds on Nestlé’s approach to developing solutions that combine animal and plant-based ingredients, maximizing nutrition, affordability and sustainability. It follows the pilot launch of a shelf-stable, plant-based protein blend in 2022, which was developed to complement egg dishes in a nutritious, and affordable way in Latin America. For Central and West Africa, Nestlé developed an affordable and nutritious beverage solution made by combining milk and locally sourced soy.

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