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Rajesh Kumar, CEO, Sami Direct

  Let me first congratulate you and the entire team of MM Activ on this wonderful and much needed initiative. I always thought there was a void in communication among all the thought leaders of

“This futuristic venture of publishing “NuFFooDS Spectrum” is a bold step in the right direction. ” : Arun Kelkar, Chairman & Managing Director, Hexagon Nutrition, India

To begin I wish to congratulate "TEAM Nutra India" for organising summits at most appropriate times when Nutracuticals was a buzz word in India. Initiative taken by MM Activ and "TEAM Nutra India" under able

“Wishing ‘NuFFooDS Spectrum’ great success!”: Amal Kelshikar, Country Head and General Manager, Abbott Nutrition International – India

It was a telling moment to witness the genesis of one of India’s greatest-ever athletes in a recent Bollywood biopic – the initial inspiration for Milkha Singh to win his first race was the promise

Ajay Khanna, country head, Herbalife International India

On a positive note, I would like to congratulate MM Activ group for their new venture. On behalf of Herbalife India, I would like to extend good wishes to NuFFooDS Spectrum which will play a

Institute of Excellence – NIN

The National Institute of Nutrition was born in 1918 as a small beri beri enquiry unit at Coonoor. It was created by the Indian Research Fund Association under the leadership of Sir Robert McCarrison. In

Nutraceuticals, Naturals and Nutritionals-A Discovery Path from Ayurveda

"Health and desire for longevity have been inherent features in all social orders and at every stage; all human races have endeavoured to achieve these goals. Only sustainable efforts are percolated through generations, even to

“Nutraceutical industry will be suffocated to death”

The Food Safety Standards Authority of India (FSSAI) notified stringent Food Safety and Standards Rules and Regulations in 2011 under the Food Safety and Standards Act (FSSA) 2006, and made granting of licenses, renewals etc.

“Food-medicine interface need to be analysed and regulated properly”

Dr Dilip Ghosh is one of the pioneer researchers in the evaluation of the health claims opportunities of potential functional food ingredients through an evaluation of the current scientific evidence base and related claims, and

“Sami Labs to grow its Indian business to 20-25 % in coming years”

Sami Labs is a leading global pioneer in the field of phyto nutrients, standardized herbal extracts and functional foods. It enjoys a dominant market presence and recognition in major nutraceutical markets like USA, Japan and

Probiotics and Gut Microbiome – a Prophylactic and Therapeutic Landscape

The past decade has been phenomenal in providing tremendous insight into the previously unsuspected enormous diversity of the human intestinal microbiome highlighting the fact that the gut harbours more than 100 trillion organisms. This is