NABI steps up to contribute in the pandemic fight


Development of RNA aptamer based colorimetric detection strip for fast detection of novel corona virus

To tackle the grave situation caused by SARS-CoV-2, there is an immediate attention to design a quick and efficient detection methods for the virus.

Punjab based National Agri Food Biotechnology Institute (NABI) is also contributing in research preparedness in the fight against this virus.

Dr. Nitin Singhal & his team from NABI are working on development of rapid point of care test for COVID-19 using aptamers, those will be developed against selected peptides of SARSCOV2 membrane spike proteins.

Conventional methods for detection such as RT-PCR take 6- 8 hours including lengthy protocol and require professional expertise, whereas the proposed method can reduce the detection time to approximately 1-2 hours and can be used conveniently.

Also, this detection strip can be used for point of care testing. This research is a collaborative work between NABI and Translational Health Sciences and Technology Institute, Faridabad to develop aptamer-based methods for viral detection. In this regard, both the respective groups are sharing their experiences and expertise.

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