ICRISAT develops new variety of heart-healthy groundnut 

India’s first Spanish-type high oleic acid groundnut variety is set for release

Groundnut oil considered as good as olive oil was made possible with the development of high oleic acid varieties. Now, a new variety identified for national release opens promising avenues for India, parts of Southeast Asia and Africa.

India’s first ‘Spanish type’ high oleic groundnut developed by researchers at International Crops Research Institute for the Semi-Arid Tropics (ICRISAT) in partnership with the Junagadh Agricultural University is advantageous compared to the initial varieties (Girnar 4 and 5) of the ‘Virginia-type’.

Spanish lines occupy a significant area across India, Southeast Asia and Africa, while the less popular Virginia lines are limited to the Indian states of Rajasthan and parts of Gujarat.

The new groundnut line has recorded 80.7% oleic acid and 3.6 % linoleic acid content. It has a protein content of 26% and an oil content of 51%. High oleic acid content indicates improved quality of groundnut oil with an increased shelf life of up to six months. A higher acid content also helps reduce the risk of cardiovascular diseases and obesity.

A significant commercial advantage is that high oleic acid groundnuts are preferred for confectionary products and peanut butter. Its kernel exhibits ​ a desirable ‘nutty flavour’ that is enhanced when roasted.

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