Barry Callebaut introduces second generation of chocolates

Redesigned the farming, fermentation, and roasting of the cocoa beans

Swiss firm Barry Callebaut has announced, more than 140 years after the emergence of the first generation, the introduction of the second generation of chocolate. The company has redesigned the making of chocolate, known as the Cocoa Cultivation & Craft principle (CCC), to recognise the special qualities of each cocoa bean and coax out the nuances of flavour. With initial efforts dating back to early 2000, Barry Callebaut gained new insight from a long-term research programme in collaboration with the Jacobs University Bremen, Germany. Advanced detection technologies, combined with new sensory methods, enable the identification of unique characteristics in the cocoa beans.

The chocolate taste ranges from a natural and rich cocoa flavour to more complex flavour profiles. By introducing the second generation of chocolate, Barry Callebaut aims to inspire and support brands and artisans to define their next generation of chocolate creations in confectionery, bakery, pastry, desserts, and ice-cream.

The new product design is not only testament to nature’s flavours, but also to the mindfully living consumer. The chocolate contains 50% less sugar than 80%+ of the chocolate consumed across the world.

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