Paperboard cartons, glass, plastic containers do not preserve milk freshness: Study

Milk’s taste to be impacted by the exchange of the packaging’s compounds into the milk

The dairy industry strives to preserve the quality and safety of milk products while maintaining the freshest possible taste for consumers. To date, the industry has largely focused on packaging milk in light-blocking containers to preserve freshness, but little has been understood about how the packaging itself influences milk flavour. However, a new US-based study in the Journal of Dairy Science, published by Elsevier, confirms that packaging affects taste, and paperboard cartons do not preserve milk freshness as well as glass and plastic containers.

The results of the study showed that package type does influence milk flavour, and skim milk is more susceptible to flavour impacts than whole milk.

Of the different packaging types, paperboard cartons and the plastic bag preserved milk freshness the least due to the paperboard’s absorption of milk flavour and the transfer of paperboard flavour into the milk.

“These findings suggest that industry and policymakers might want to consider seeking new package alternatives for milk served during school meals. Over time, the consequences of using milk packaging that contributes significant off-flavours may affect how young children perceive milk in both childhood and adulthood”, said the US-based researchers.

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