Sid’s Farm’s probiotic natural curd launches in Telangana

A great source of protein, calcium, and gut-friendly bacteria

D2C dairy brand Sid’s Farm has announced the launch of Probiotic Natural Curd, which is made using pure milk and curd culture. The product will be initially available only on Sid’s Farm’s App for its customers in Telangana. 400 gm cups of Probiotic Natural Curd will be available at an economical price of Rs 80.

The prominence of curd in the Indian gastronomic scape is primordial; not only due to its palatable attributes rather for being dense with nutrients. Curd is known to be rich in calcium, vitamin B2, vitamin B12, potassium and magnesium which aids in preserving bone density and supply antioxidants for cell reparation. In addition to this, it contains a higher proportion of protein and fat which are essential for daily nutritional requirements for human performance in day to day life.

Sid’s Farm is an established premium dairy brand, which is available in stores around Hyderabad and also through e-commerce sites in Bengaluru, serving milk & regular use dairy products like paneer, curd, ghee, & butter. Sid’s Farm’s unique offering allows customers to choose from cow & buffalo milk and dairy products depending upon their preference.

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