Kerry launches taste technology to create meat alternatives

A game-changing solution that will elevate taste in the meat-alternative marketplace

Ireland-based firm Kerry has introduced SucculencePB, its game-changing solution for plant-based meat alternatives that re-creates the taste of meat. SucculencePB also delivers a much-improved nutritional profile and environmental impact and, importantly, solves the ‘dry mouth’ taste challenge in cooked plant-based meat alternatives.

The SucculencePB patent-pending technology gives manufacturers of plant-based burgers and sausages, a vegan-friendly way to lock in moisture and flavour and greatly improve the taste and nutritional qualities of their products to satisfy consumer expectations. It also advances the sustainability and ‘clean label’ credentials of plant-based meat products by enabling the significant reduction, or complete removal, of tropical oils and fats such as coconut or palm oil.

In addition, the use of SucculencePB in plant-based meat production delivers impressive nutritional benefits, including up to a 74% reduction in fat, a 97% decrease in saturated fat content, and up to a 69% drop in calorie count. These advances can enable products to be scored much higher on local and regional market front-of-pack labelling and nutrition rankings, such as the Nutri-Score and the UK traffic light system.

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