Yash Pakka forays into Central America to build flexible packaging facility

To start the process of setting up the world’s largest compostable packaging and moulded fibre facility

UP-based Yash Pakka has initiated the construction of its first overseas facility in Guatemala, a Central American country, which is expected to be the largest compostable flexible packaging and molded fibre plant in the world. 

The company has signed a Memorandum of Understanding (MoU) with major sugar companies in Guatemala to procure sugarcane residue, known as bagasse, which is the primary raw material used in its products. After exploring various locations, including Mexico, Belize, Colombia, Brazil, and Peru, the company selected Guatemala because of the abundant availability of sugarcane and the positive response from the Guatemalan authorities and sugar companies. 

The plant is expected to be operational by mid-2025, with a production capacity of 400 tonnes per day, and will focus on flexible packaging and molded fibre products.

Pakka has been developing compostable packaging solutions for over 40 years as part of its mission to find alternatives to single-use plastic. The company’s innovation team has been working on the development of flexible packaging, and rigorous research and development have been conducted over the last few years. Pakka has also been offering compostable molded fibre products for food service in India through its Chuk brand. While the new plant’s primary offerings will be flexible packaging and molded fibre products, information about other products that will be manufactured at the Guatemala plant will be shared in due course.

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