Vestige Marketing introduces new flavours of Veslim Shakes

Veslim Shakes now available in Mango and Vanilla flavours

Vestige Marketing Pvt. Ltd, India’s leading home-grown direct-selling company, has announced the addition of a new Vanilla flavour and an enhanced Mango flavour of Vestige Veslim Shake. These are being added to the existing category of healthy supplements.

Under this easy-to-do weight management programme, Vestige has come up with delicious and nutritious Veslim Shakes with an enhanced Mango and the new Vanilla flavour. These are low-calorie shakes packed with complete nutrition without overloading the body with unnecessary fats and calories. An ideal drink for people trying to lose or maintain their weight in a convenient and healthy way, these are specially formulated unique blends of high protein and fibre sources. The enhanced Mango and the new Vanilla flavours of Veslim Shakes are designed to aid weight management by keeping individuals feeling full and reducing junk food cravings, but without compromising on taste. 

Each serving of Veslim Shakes contains 9g of protein, 3.35g of fibre, PDCAAS Value #1, and a rich profile of 20 essential vitamins and minerals. These shakes are carefully crafted to improve metabolism, enhance stamina and endurance and contribute to prolonged feelings of fullness, as well as promote a healthy gut flora. The addition of delicious and tasteful Mango and Vanilla flavours into Veslim Shakes promises to offer consumers a delightful and nutritious option for those seeking a healthy weight management solution.

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