The bakery sector is now attracting increased attention from investors

Aditi Handa, Co-founder & Head Chef, The Baker’s Dozen (TBD)

According to data compiled by Tracxn, December 2023 emerged as the most active month for risk capital investors. During this month, Indian startups attracted above $1.5 billion, the highest for the year. Among many other industries, food startups also attracted a significant amount of funding. Mumbai-based The Baker’s Dozen (TBD), an artisanal bakery startup is one of them. The startup has recently announced the closure of Rs 33 crore Pre-series A Funding round. Aditi Handa, Co-founder & Head Chef, TBD shares more about this funding and the startup’s approach toward it. Edited excerpts:

What is the market size of the Indian bakery industry?

Please share your thoughts on the future growth trajectory of this industry. The bakery industry holds a significant position within India’s extensive food processing sector, presenting avenues for growth, innovation, and employment opportunities. Categorised into four distinct segments—bread, biscuits, Indian rusks, and cakes & pastries—India has emerged as a key global player in the bakery domain, following the USA. The organised bakery segment in India contributes around 1.3 million tonnes of bakery products out of a total of 3 million tonnes. Consumer preferences and lifestyles are shaping the Indian bakery landscape, with an increasing demand for healthier alternatives and products. Baked goods, once considered occasional treats, are now becoming part of daily consumption patterns, reflecting changing consumer habits. The anticipated 11 per cent CAGR of the bakery industry from 2023 to 2028, demonstrates a commitment to evolving consumer trends towards health and quality (As per Crisil’s report, the industry’s revenue is expected to reach Rs 1,800- 1,850 billion by fiscal 2028 from Rs 1,050- 1,070 billion in fiscal 2023).

What are the recent trends in the Indian bakery industry?

The bakery industry is undergoing a massive transformation, with new trends reshaping the way

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