Key Nutra & Food Trends to Watch For In India

Arya Pise, Consultant- Agri, Food & Nutrition, Frost & Sullivan

Consumers now have been focusing on including local produce in diets and mindful eating for complete nutrition. What and how we eat affects our physical and mental well-being. Hence trends are emerging in the Indian food market to include soups, buckwheat, and the use of artificial intelligence in culinary practices. Let’s explore the key nutraceutical and food trends.

In 2024, sustainability, climate change, circular economy, water stewardship, wellness, and mental health are the emerging trends in the Indian food and nutraceutical industry. These trends will also have an impact on the dietary choices of Indians. Popular foods include functional ingredients, third-culture cuisine, mushrooms, alternative protein, and plantbased diets. The worldwide impact of global warming on food production has drawn attention to low-carbon footprints, plant-based diets, and resilient crops like millet. Our food choices are having major impacts on external issues such as geopolitics and climate change. Improving immunity and preventing disease have emerged as vital priorities in today’s world. In line with the health trends, the nutraceuticals industry has seen rapid growth since COVID-19. The Indian nutraceutical sector was expected to be valued at $12.7 billion in 2023. The market is getting increasingly crowded, with hundreds of international and at least 45-50 domestic businesses entering it each year. India has a thriving ingredients market that includes a wide range of vitamins, minerals, botanicals, and different ingredients sourced from plants and animals. One of the main sectors in the country is agriculture, which provides an abundant supply of ingredients

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