Food processing industry should focus on quality: Anita Praveen

Addressing the 15th edition of ‘FICCI FOODWORLD INDIA 2024

Anita Praveen, Secretary, Ministry of Food Processing Industries, Govt. of India said that the Indian Food Processing Industry is the second biggest employer in the country after textile and can be the basis for increasing farmers’ income.

Addressing the 15th edition of ‘FICCI FOODWORLD INDIA 2024’, Praveen stated that the food processing sector is an important sector of the economy, and we need to focus on serving India’s large population. “We are a huge market witnessing numerous trade negotiations because the world recognises that consumers are in India. These negotiations indicate the growing importance of the Indian Food Processing sector on a global scale,” she added.

Emphasising the need for the industry to expand into international markets, Praveen stated that our target should be to ensure that processed food remains ‘quality food’ for all. “Time has now come to look at the international taste buds and start manufacturing the products that appeal to everyone in the world,” she highlighted.

The Secretary further said that the industry will have to stand for itself by building quality products and ultra-processed food cannot become the cause of diseases. She added that responsible production is our (industry) duty. The collaboration of the food industry and other stakeholders, including the government, is essential for harnessing the sector’s full potential. “Processed foods will continue to stay, and they will still be consumed but let us ensure that it does not get questioned for its quality,” stated Praveen. 

S Vijayarani, Director, Northern Region, FSSAI said that the Indian food processing industry is a growing sector that must expand significantly to contribute greatly to the Indian economy. This industry must grow extensively without compromise, prioritising health and nutritional factors.

Hemant Malik, Chair, FICCI Food Processing Committee & ED, ITC Ltd stated that the Indian Food Processing sector is a cornerstone of our nation’s economic growth, contributing nearly 13 per cent to GDP. He noted that we aim to double this contribution by 2030 with a projected growth rate of 15 per cent.

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