How Agritech Startups are Boosting Food Security and Reducing Wastage

Agritech startups are at the forefront of tackling inefficiencies in the fresh fruit supply chain

In bustling markets and supermarkets worldwide, an alarming amount of fresh fruit goes to waste daily. Almost 45 per cent of fruits and vegetables are rendered unfit for consumption even before they reach consumers. This inefficiency in the supply chain not only represents a significant economic loss but also exacerbates food security issues and environmental impact. Agritech startups and innovative companies are leveraging technology to revolutionise the fresh fruit retail sector by reducing wastage and promoting sustainability. Let’s explore further.

Agritech startups are at the forefront of tackling inefficiencies in the fresh fruit supply chain. These companies employ cutting-edge technologies such as the Internet of Things (IoT), artificial intelligence (AI), blockchain, and data analytics to enhance various aspects of fruit production, distribution, and retail. Their contributions can be broadly categorised into three main areas: precision agriculture, supply chain optimisation, and retail innovations.

Precision Agriculture:

Growing Smarter Precision agriculture involves using technology to monitor and optimise crop production. Agritech startups are developing solutions to help farmers increase yield and reduce waste through better resource management. Teralytic and CropX are using soil sensors and IoT devices to provide real-time data on soil health, moisture levels, and crop conditions. This data enables farmers to make informed decisions about irrigation, fertilisation, and harvesting, reducing the risk of overproduction and crop loss.

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