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Clinical research shows SALCITAL may benefit in the management of pre-diabetes and mild to moderate hyperlipidemia

Bangalore: Clinical research shows standardized extract of Salacia reticulate (SALCITAL, Branded Ingredient of Olive Lifesciences) was safe and may be beneficial in the management of pre-diabetes and mild to moderate hyperlipidemia, according to a study

200 Indian firms exporting spices under USFDA scanner

Mumbai, September 3, 2013: USFDA has put nearly 200 Indian firms in the red list for exporting Salmonella-contaminated spices and other food products to USA. These products were exported from India between 2009 and 2013.

Ingredient producer Caldic enters India

Caldic B V, a global distributor and producer of food ingredients and chemicals, recently announced establishment of Caldic India. The entity will be based in Mumbai and will focus on chemical as well as food

Sabinsa’s SabiLize natural preservative gets US Patent grant

Sabinsa Corporation, the international marketing arm of Sami Labs Limited, a research oriented transnational health science company based in Bangalore announced that its natural preservative composition -- SabiLize, has been granted US Patent for its

Taiyo’s Lekh R Juneja chosen as IFT Fellow

Dr Lekh Juneja, Executive Vice-President of Taiyo Kagaku and President of Taiyo International, has been awarded the prestigious IFT Fellowship for 2013 by The Institute of Food Technologists for his outstanding leadership and innovative contributions

Fonterra appoints Jacqueline Chow as MD Global Brands & Nutrition

New Zealand-based co-operative dairy major and provider of high-quality dairy nutritional ingredients Fonterra has appointed Jacqueline Chow as Managing Director - Global brands and nutrition.  Chow has a 20-year career in global blue-chip multinationals and

Dr Mishra joins Katra Group as VP

Dr Baidyanath Mishra joins Katra Group as Vice-President, Product Development, Regulatory and Medical affairs. Dr Mishra has replaced Patanjali Subramani who left group on health grounds.  Before joining Katra Group, Dr Mishra was Chief Scientific