Scientists develop new healthy vegetable snack

For supporting sustainability in the agri-food sector   

A new healthy vegetable snack, drawing on innovation from Australia’s national science agency Commonwealth Scientific and Industrial Research Organisation (CSIRO) together with startup Nutri V, will see food waste reduced and support farmers to be more sustainable.

The product, Nutri V Goodie snacks, which will soon hit Coles supermarket shelves nationally, contains broccoli, pumpkin and cauliflower, which can’t be sold and would otherwise have gone to waste, often as landfill or animal feed. 

Nutri V’s first processing module is located on the farm of their parent company, Fresh Select, one of Australia’s biggest brassica growers. The veggies are picked and sorted in the mornings, then washed, dried into powders and turned into the snacks by the afternoon.   

It’s a system Nutri V hopes to take to other vegetable growing areas in Australia to help them tackle their food waste as well.

CSIRO and Nutri V are also working together on a suite of veggie-based innovations using other CSIRO technologies.

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