Sweegen unveils newest flavour tool for food and beverage producers

Forging a path for better health and wellness in food and beverages 

Global sweetness and flavour innovator, US-based Sweegen has announced the launch of Sweetensify Flavours, its newest flavour tool for food and beverage producers to create better-for-everyone products. Powered by Sweegen’s novel sweet protein technology that includes brazzein, thaumatin II, and other unique proteins, Sweetensify Flavours improve and modulate sweet flavour, creating a sugar-like experience, thereby pushing the boundaries of healthier product innovation.

Sweet proteins like brazzein have an affinity for different taste receptors on the tongue, especially the receptor known as T1R3, which is associated with both umami and sweetness perception. Leveraging this unique attribute, Sweetensify Flavours will enable product developers to reduce the amount of sugar they use in products while maintaining the quality of characteristic flavours and sweetness.

The entire collection of Sweetensify Flavours has a wide range of benefits across sweet and savoury applications, including enhancing flavour tonalities, blocking bitterness, reducing astringency and sweet linger, eliminating unwanted aftertastes, reducing sugar use, and blocking the burn from alcohol.

To scale brazzein and thaumatin II sustainably, Sweegen uses a proprietary precision fermentation process, a technology that produces clean and sustainable ingredients. This allows for cost-effective commercial production of highly-sought after ingredients in global sugar reduction solutions.

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