Equinox Safety Month 2023 Concludes with Donation of Health For All!

Equinox Labs successfully concluded their Equinox Safety Month with a boost from a donation drive that left a lasting impact on the team. The donation drive was a part of the month-long event dedicated to promoting Health For All, which took place from 7th April to 7th May 2023.

The five-member team from Equinox Labs visited the Shri R.G. Bhagat Charitable Trust in Airoli and the Aarine Foundation in Ghansoli, where they handed over donations to the organisations. At the Shri R.G. Bhagat Charitable Trust, the team spent time with the elderly inmates and learned about the noble cause of the trust. At the Aarine Foundation, the team met with the managing trustee and learned about the various initiatives of the foundation for children victims of Tuberculosis and underprivileged women.

The donation drive was a heartening experience for the Equinox team and invigorated the feeling of selflessness in them, driving them to be of service to others. The Equinox Safety Month event aimed to promote awareness and educate people about the importance of safety and health in our daily lives. The event covered various topics such as personal safety, mental health, workplace safety, nutrition and more.

The Equinox Safety Month event was open to everyone and free to attend, and it included virtual and in-person activities designed to educate and empower individuals on the importance of safety and health. The event was sponsored by health-conscious brands like Blue Tribe, Happa Foods, FlouryTales, Bazic Food, Hachi Foods, Urban Platter, and many more. Around 2,000 people engaged in the quiz contests over a period of a month, making it a massive success. The sponsors for the event aligned with the theme of Equinox Safety Month. While Blue Tribe Foods manufactures vegan meat products, Happa Foods is into nutrition-dense food products for kids. Floury Tales offers healthy flours, and Urban Platter brings global cuisine to Indian markets. Bazic Food and Hachi Foods offer healthy food products to their consumers.

Equinox Labs expressed their gratitude towards everyone who participated in the event and encouraged people to continue supporting noble causes and helping those in need. The Equinox Safety Month event was a success, and Equinox Labs looks forward to hosting more events that promote health and safety for all.

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