Metropolis introduces AI-powered allergy component testing

This test can detect 158 food allergens, 127 respiratory allergens and 10 contact allergens

Metropolis Healthcare has announced the launch of a novel testing platform based on Component Resolved Diagnostics (CRD) to support India’s population in diagnosing various forms of allergies. This 4th generation allergy testing technology uses Artificial Intelligence (AI) to assist clinicians in making sound clinical decisions and provides great insights into selecting and optimising the course of treatment regarding an individual’s allergic disease.

The test, powered by a Nanotechnology based Multiplex system utilising molecular components can easily detect specific IgE antibodies against 295 different allergens, using a simple blood test and provides results for 158 food allergens, 127 respiratory allergens and 10 contact allergens. 

For instance,  if a patient is allergic to milk, it can predict whether a patient can likely consume boiled or baked milk without danger of clinical reactions, or if he/she needs to completely avoid milk in all forms. 

The World Health Organisation considers allergy a non-transmittable disease and nearly 20 -30 % Indians suffer from at least one allergic disease. Through this molecular component based allergy diagnostic test, allergen sensitisation of a patient can be mapped at the protein level, allowing for a better identification and characterisation of the specific molecules that trigger the allergic reactions.  Knowledge of the allergenic molecules to which the patient is sensitised to can aid in distinguishing between likelihood of local versus systemic reactions and persistence of clinical symptoms.

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