Majority youth unaware of how meat consumption impacts climate

Gen Z  ‘climate aware’ but less aware of emissions linked to meat

A survey of young Australians by a University of Sydney researcher found that while the majority believe climate change is anthropogenic – caused by humans – fewer than half understand the impact of livestock and meat consumption.

Only a third understand how livestock and meat consumption are contributing to emissions, a new study by the University of Sydney and Curtin University researchers has revealed.

The researchers say this result comes despite estimates that over a quarter of the world’s emissions are linked to meat and livestock production, calling for greater awareness among young people.

The study also found that Generation Z does not generally engage with food provenance (where their food originates from) and most do not pay attention to food labelling.

“There is a clear disconnect at play – while global warming is high on the Gen Z radar, the nexus between climate change and food is yet to be properly understood by young Australians”, said the researchers.

Image credit- pexels

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