Umami Meats collaborates with Waters Corp for sustainable food research

Waters research laboratory in Singapore facilitates collaborations with industry and academic experts to expedite and drive advancements in food and water safety research

Singapore-based startup Umami Meats has announced a research collaboration with food and nutrition scientists at Waters Corporation to develop laboratory methods for cultivating premium fish that are safe for human consumption, free from contamination, and that can be produced as a sustainable food supply.

“By collaborating with industry and academic experts we can help to expedite the efficient production of cultivated seafood for safe consumption, and drive advancements in food and water safety research,” said David Curtin, Vice President Asia Pacific, Waters Corporation.

Umami Meats focuses on cultivating these species to enable sustainable, safe consumption of seafood that is free from heavy metals, micro-plastics, pathogens, and antibiotics.

The startup is leveraging the analytical technologies and food science expertise available within Waters to maximise production efficiency and process controls. This collaboration provides the baseline for future work in the areas of process scale-up, intensification of production, and process control automation.

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