Steakholder Foods uses induced pluripotent stem cells for cultivated pork products

This will enhance the company’s ability to produce high-quality structured pork products at scale

Israel-based startup Steakholder Foods (formerly MeaTech 3D: MITC) has successfully differentiated porcine fat cells from its induced pluripotent stem cell line. This will enable the company to produce an unlimited amount of fat and muscle cells. This is a significant step forward in the company’s ability to develop high-quality 3D-printed whole-cut pork products at scale.

Cultivated pork is part of Steakholder Foods’ diverse species portfolio under development along with beef, chicken, and fish.  

In a continued effort to strengthen its IP, Steakholder Foods has recently been granted its first Canadian patent for systems and methods to apply external forces to muscle tissue that result in the development of high-quality complex structured meat. This patent is another boost to the company’s growing global patent portfolio, following similar grants earlier this year in the US, Australia and New Zealand.


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